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Professional Medical Breathing Systems

Endotracheal tubes, Reinforced endotracheal tubes, Preformed endotracheal tubes,
Double lumen bronchial tubes, Intubating stylets, Tracheal intubation fixers
Laryngeal mask airways, Oxygen masks, Nasal oxygen cannulas, Breathing filters
Heat and moisture exchanger, HME Filters, Breathing circuits, Central venous catheter
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About Us

Medicalexpand is a French manufacturing company located in the Massif Central, La Talaudiere in the heart of Western Europe. We produce a complete range of plastic medical devices with a special focus on breathing systems: endotracheal tubes (standard, reinforced), different masks (oxygen masks, laryngeal masks), suction catheters, breathing circuits, nasal oxygen cannulas.

In our policy we are paying utmost attention to the top quality of our products because top quality is the engine of a sustainable medical service activity.

Our company is putting efforts in answering the requirements of clients from all continents and is adapting its range of products to the requirements of modern medicine.

Medicalexpand invests scientific and economic resources in the research and development of new types of high quality products and continuously checks the quality of products and the satisfaction of clients.